8 Best Treks to Discover in the Himalayas in 2021

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The Himalayas, which extend through China, India, Bhutan, and Nepal are the start and the end of Pakistan and China, the highest peaks on the globe. During the Everest era, many peaks are striking and unique, and exist alone here, and cannot be replicated in the world anywhere, particularly when you include mountains west of the Indo – the Pamir, the Hindu Kush, and the Karakoram.

We’re fortunate to be born in a glorious land. We all wanted to walk the Himalayas sometime in life. Some of us have done this, and some of us also contemplate it. Anyway, the Himalayan list is not really comprehensive, there’s always more to learn and further picks to trek. This article is intended to attempt to answer some questions you may have concerning Himalayan trekking.

We’ve been trying to list some of the best treks in the Himalayas (however it was very difficult to select and choose because all of them are completely beautiful and lovely) (however it was quite difficult to pick and choose because all of them are absolutely gorgeous and lovely). However, narrowing down always helps and we sincerely hope that you’re able to take some positive tips from here. We covered every kind of plateau, lake, valley, and more from the eastern Himalayas to the west. Are you ready to start your epic journey through the Himalayas?

Indian Himalayan Trekking

1. Chadar Trek

The Chadar experience can be summarized in a Surreal phrase, but the journey is rich in its own elements. The simplicity of the Zanskari people and their adaptability and their embrace of the tough challenges is not just the stunning scenery, the tumbled temperature, or the exciting walk that made them so physical. In the winter, the creation of thick ice on the River Zanskar makes it easy for people to use it as a bridge on the other side of the river to collect supplies in the next months.

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2. Beas Kund Glacier

Beas Kund is the original location of the mighty Beas River. The river flows through the picturesque mountain-lined wetlands and begins from the glaciers. The Shitidhar, the height of friendship, and Hanuman Tibba can be seen from Beas Kund.

The Dhauladhar and Pirpanjal Ranges can be found easily with the assistance of Beas. The Pir Panjal Mountain Ranges are on one side and the Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges on the other. The trek Beas Kund is abundant in plant and animal species. As you can see them camping around with herds of sheep and watchdogs, Beas Kun is also a popular place for shepherds.

3. Har Ki Dun

For trekkers who have tried to walk the Himalayas in both summer and winter, Har Ki Dun is a pleasure. It provides a magnificent view of the snowy mountains inhabited by Swargarohini, enriched with a variety of fauna and flora. There are a number of trees, birds, plants, etc on the trek from Sankri to Osla. You can see many species such as parakeets, buzzing, etc. on the road to the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. Many beautiful campsites make this trek a memorable one. Possibly one of the most stunning sunrises you would ever see the sunrise view.

4. Chandrashila Deorital

Don’t forget this in your plan to walk across the Himalayas. Although it is relatively simpler this experience is one of the most amazing. Chandrashila is an enjoyable trek for all kinds of mountain goers that thrive with colorful flowers and rich green weeds, red and pink rhododendrons, and a gallery of magnificent snowy peaks. You will find flocks of peacocks and herds of deer on the way to Chandrashila Peak. The whole way is by the delightful lake of Dorian. Chandrashila is renowned for its splendid sunrise. When the sun rises slowly, the whole sky is lightened with the gold rays of the red sun.

5. Kashmir Great Lakes

There are 7 magnificent high-altitude treks on the Kashmir Great Lakes, also known as the “Prettiest Trek in India. It is always a lovely place for natural beauty and entertainment. You will have a lovely view of the neighboring downhill towns, like the village of Sonamarg, as you travel through the Maple trees. The Gadsarm, Krishnasar, Gangabal, and Vishansar are some of the magnificent lakes. The mythological origins of the lakes are named after gods and they contain fascinating tales. ‍

6. Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass is a full package of high and dark pine forests, glacier valleys, camping on the riverfront, and more. The path contains over 40 sharp turns with photographic views through the valley of Manali and Kullu. Following are brief pine-forest hikes. The sight and sound of the rivers is the air along the rocks which carves the mountains with a sculpture. ‍

7. Valley of Flowers

The flowers’ valley is a lively and beautiful national park with numerous flower beds, charming alpine flower wilderness. Located in the state of Uttarakhand, North Chamoli, it is considered a legendary trek world-famous. The road continues along the Pushpavati River at the Holy City of Haridwar. ‍

8. Kareri Lake Trek

The Kareri Lake Trek is one of the best Himalayan treks in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, to turn from your monotonous life to nature. The Kareri Trek consists of water that flows from the top of Minkiani. The excursion to the lake will leave you breathtaking, surrounded by mountains, alpine trees, lush woods, and narrow landscaped grounds. Here the woods are a mix of pines and shrubs that are the ideal place for some unique birds to hide. Upon reaching the top, witness the lake’s magnificent attraction. Over the winter season, it will stay frozen and will be the main attraction of this trek.


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