New Screen Unlock Features from Apple iOS 14.5

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Apple iOS 14.5

Tech giant Apple recently released iOS version 14.5 which has great features and easier unlocking methods. As the situation is growing to worse, regarding the pandemic and as it may continue, there might be a situation where it is required to wear a face mask 24*7.

New Features

While it is difficult for the previous models (the old version of apple iOS 14.5) to unlock the iPhone with the face mask on, the new model features a method to unlock the iPhone (new version) when the user is wearing a mask. This also includes the extra authentication before unlocking when an apple watch is being paired with the phone.

To help yourself with this feature, the option in the face id settings has to be turned on manually, and also, it is the same as the apple watch settings. That is the only way that this feature will work. Even though this method is better to use, unfortunately, or fortunately. It does not allow to authenticate the app store (iTunes store) purchases or apple pay purchases.

People need to enter their phone passcode into paychecks in any store or restaurant or anywhere. This feature however remains a plus to those who concern security and a minus to people who choose convenience over security.

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