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Combining email marketing with SMS is a great marketing strategy. This can be highly beneficial for brands. People nowadays are interested in receiving messages from brands. Companies need to interact with their consumers to keep them engaged. In today’s era, people remember only those things that pop on their phone’s screen. Thus the brands must connect with their consumers on the phone.

SMS marketing has a significant effect on the return on investment ROI. Brands can send updates, recent offers, etc. via SMS.

SMS marketing along with emails fills the communication gap and establishes better bonding with your consumers.

By understanding the complementary use of SMS and email so that communication can be made, you can make the most of it. This can result in more effective campaigns and more engaged customers because the strengths of both email to SMS marketing are complementary.

Both SMS and Email marketing are permission-based

Brands are supposed to take the consent of their customers either via signing a form or ticking the consent box in the SMS for further notification, their consent is a must.

A series of promotional messages and emails is considered spamming and consumers may block you.

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The database obtained for SMS and email marketing is far more effective than any other social media platforms or other data. These are the real phone numbers and email IDs of your consumers. Brands can reach them directly via text messages.

Instead of using ads to target your audience, email marketing with the SMS approach offers a personalized solution to interact with the audience. Only those customers who are interested to hear from your brand opt-in for your email and SMS.

Social media ads are good for directing your social media audience for SMS and email marketing. SMS email marketing is far more direct and personalized and guarantees that the audience already knows the basics of your brand.

These methods of communication have more real estate for you to build your brand and story. All small steps if taken carefully it changes your customer’s attitude toward your brand.

Customer data and growth can be shared between the two

Brands have a chance to learn what type of content drives engagement and conversation while they grow their email marketing programs. Gradually brands will be able to gain insights into their subscriber behaviors and interest to boast both email and SMS success.

Later these insights of e-mail marketing and SMS campaigns can be used to start setting strategies for further campaigns. Of course, brands will have to do some fine-tuning so that their email and SMS marketing campaigns are effective.

Such as brands can take the first step of their SMS gateway campaigns with an email blast asking the consumers for their consent and contact information.

So SMS marketing success can be directed to email marketing as well. When you offer good incentives for SMS, brands can further expand their email subscriber base.

Reach more customers with multiple messaging channels

Customers are not always willing to see the same SMS and email regarding sales or product promotion everywhere. Some would not like to have their inbox filled with the same type of emails, others may hate to receive the same SMS on text. Therefore the best choice brands can make is after analyzing the open and response rates and then segmenting their audience by messaging preferences.

However, it is difficult to understand which channel consumers would like to receive the notification from. This is only possible when Both options are provided and they can choose accordingly. Later the same data collected can be used by the Brands to segment the audience. Instead of cutting off the consumers from the contact database, brands can analyze the open rates and decide accordingly.

Their customers who open the SMS receive it easily but don’t check their emails often. After analyzing the open rates brands can send these consumers more SMS however others can be sent an email. But those who open the SMS but respond to CTAs on the email should receive all of the emails. Also, those who tend to unsubscribe on marketing channels brands and reach them via another.

You can use SMS for immediate responses

SMS messages drive immediate interaction. This is why SMS is best suited for time-bound and important email campaigns. Without SMS no time-bound campaign can be a success. People do see and read their emails every year. But it is not necessary that they will immediately respond to your SMS. However, an email with flash sales will get an immediate response only if the consumers read the whole. SMS makes it easier because they are short, precise, and clear.

SMS is best for quick communication but not much acceptable for long-term campaigns. In such cases, both combined email and SMS marketing are required.

An SMS is generally opened within 90 sec, and thus can be used for all thy campaigns that require an urgent response. Here only email can be ineffective and this is why a combination of both SMS e email is best for the brands.

The subject of the emails is depicted at the top notification, but the subject cannot convey everything said in the email.

SMS Limitation

However, the character limit of thy SMS is 160 characters. It is enough for conveying the message and precise enough to make it direct. Thus only important emails attract attention but almost all sorts of messages draw the consumer’s attention.

Both emails can be chained in any direction. Brands can make use of the SMS to tell about an exciting event coming next week and inform about the upcoming email.

Choosing the right medium can improve the customer experience

Consumers interact differently with email and SMS, if brands choose to respect this, customer experience can be improved. Generally, no one opens an email as soon as it is received unless it’s very urgent, and no one saves a text message to review it after a month. Any long-term related information that should be saved must be shared via email. And any instant message Must be sent via SMS.

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