What’s The Best Way to Clean Car Dashboards?

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How to Clean a Car Dashboard?

Aren’t we all guilty of not cleaning up our car’s interior as often as we should? Let’s be honest here. Although the car’s interior isn’t exposed to the same contaminants as the outside, the dashboard is exposed to the driver and passengers quite a lot.

It’s also the very first thing anyone sees when sitting in the car. The dashboard is where the eyes are naturally drawn. It’s also the place where you collect your nooks, keys, and other itty bitty items, bringing in dust, dirt, and oils along with it.

Thus, the only remedy to a clean and hygienic dashboard is by using excellent car dashboard cleaners. With an excellent dashboard detailer, you can easily wipe away all the germs, dirt, and debris lying on the surface causing you harm.

Whether you want to remove stubborn dirt, dust, or stains, car dashboard cleaners are perfect at it. Before you jump ahead, it’s ideal to learn how to clean dashboards of your harm without damaging them.

You want a dashboard clean that’s gentle enough to get rid of the loose dirt and debris. While also strong enough to remove stubborn stains of coffee and smudgy oil from dirty hands.

Here’s a small guide to direct you on how to clean dashboards easily. The following process includes three major steps. Each step includes a cleaner, shine and spray to remove the dirt away and retain the brand-new shine of your car.

How to Clean Dashboards Easily?

You will require gentle microfiber cloths, car dashboard cleaner, interior cleaner, and dashboard polish.

Step 1: Dust Your Car Dashboard Gently

Apply a gentle cleanser into a bowl with a bit of water, and soak the microfiber cloth into the water for effective cleaning. Once it’s soaked with adequate cleanser, rub the fabric over the dashboard and move in back and forth motion.

The cleanser will help to lift the heavier particles like dirt, and dust off the dash. Don’t forget to squeeze out the water from the fabric before cleaning the dash. Flush and repeat the same process until the dash is entirely clean.

Step 2: Use the Interior Cleaner

If your dashboard is littered with tidy and grime, then consider using an interior cleaner for improved cleaning. The spray splashes a little measure of the cleaner on the stubborn stains. This way of cleaning the dash is easy and requires less effort.

Grab your microfiber cloth and rub the material over the dash to get rid of the dirt. It will help to remove even the permanent grime without creating lathery water. The spray dashboard cleaner doesn’t get you wet when cleaning.

Step 3: Use a Vent and Dash Brush To Clean the Knobs

A significant amount of dirt and debris enters your car where your microfiber cloth will fail to do so. Use a vent and dash brush and clean the dashboard handles, vents, radio, hand brake, and other spaces where dirt and debris might have snuck into.

With a vent and dash brush running over these inside parts, you will cleanse the entire part of the dashboard quite effortlessly.

Step 4: Use Polish to Add More Shine

After getting rid of dirt and dust from the dashboard, it’s time to include some sparkle in your car’s interior decor. Pour a small measure of shiner into a clean microfiber cloth and run the fabric over your squeaky-clean dash.

There’s a wide range of alternatives with dashboard cleaners from sparkles, semi-matte to gleam. Along with car dashboard cleaners, you also get the additional polish to retain the brand-new shine of the dashboard.

Cleaning the Dashboard with Car Dashboard Cleaner

If you aren’t a fan of the three step dashboard cleaning, here’s a second way to clean car dashboards effectively.

  • Vacuum – As the term suggests, vacuum all the dirt and dust using a vacuum.
  • Apply Car Dashboard Cleaner – Dilute a small proportion of car dashboard cleaner in one cup of water.
  • Apply the cleaner to your cloth – Grab a small microfiber cloth and soak the solution onto the fabric to wipe on. Start with cleaning small sections of the dash to ensure it’s effectively cleaned.
  • Wipe the surrounding area – Use the dashboard car cleaner to clean the dash along with the steering wheel, gear shift, dash cover, and center console. Spray the solution to every dirty part of your car and it soaks for a minute or two. Then clean it using the solution with a towel.
  • Rinse with Water – When you are done applying the dashboard cleaner, rinse each area with a clean, damp microfiber cloth.
  • Dry the Dash – Use a clean cloth to wipe the wet surface once again.

If you are looking for high-quality car dashboard cleaners online, then Carorbis has the best selection. Carorbis is a one-stop shop for an extensive range of car accessories from top brands to OEM sellers.

You get high-performance car cleaners, shiners, and many more products to improve your vehicle maintenance and hygiene. Shop for dashboard cleaner sprays or liquid along with extra-soft reusable microfiber cloth at affordable prices.

The dashboard cleaners provide a dust-free, smooth, and ultra-clean surface. While the dashboard polish gets your dashboard a glossy shine in a few minutes.

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