5 Best Weight Loss Apps For Android and iOS 2021

weight loss apps

While almost three in ten people face obesity, losing weight is becoming a big challenge these days. Having a lot of options to lose weight through the gym and other intensive methods, the following weight loss/fitness applications makes people help themselves according to their own convenience.

Here is the list of 5 Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iOS:

# 1. SparkPeople

SparkPeople is an app that supports healthy living. They have a four-stage diet plan to help people lose weight as soon as possible. They also suggest proper fitness programs that are effective and simple. This application is available for free and is easy to use. This goal-based weight loss program sticks to weight loss through motivation and goal-setting. Over the recent period, this application or website has been highly recommended and has been used by people for best results.

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# 2. My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

This application keeps the user focused and motivated. This app features calorie counting after food consumption and exercising, reminders to stay concentrated, and keeps track of the results. This app also motivates users by offering rewards, tricks to overcome food cravings and energize the whole day with all the motivational quotes. They plan in a literal way that makes the process exciting and less boring.

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# 3. MyFitnessPal

This calorie counter helps users choose their diet from the biggest range available. Also, they set their own goals and work towards them. Like other fitness applications, this one also keeps track of exercise and diet. But the specialty is that this application recommends the best cuisines and restaurants that match the user’s diet requirements. This app provides endless inspiration and the best advice.

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# 4. Fooducate

Fooducate is one of the best and highly reliable applications for weight loss. This application tracks what the user eats, their exercise, and the progress towards their goal. They also provide diet tips and recipes that add to their efforts for losing weight. Being coupled with a good interface, this application is also easy to use. It is supportive not only for youngsters but also people who are above fifty years.

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# 5. WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined)

Weight Watchers provides holistic approaches towards weight loss. They help regulate food habits, sleep cycles, exercising, and more than all, the mindset to workout. More than considering WW as an application that provides weight loss programs, users consider it as an application that supports self-care.

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These apps are a great choice for people who are shy, hesitant, and not affordable to train themselves through a gym or a private coach. These apps not just help in losing weight but also are supportive and make people move forward to a proper lifestyle.

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