How to block Auto Subscription?

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Auto subscription or auto renewal is a feature that allows the user to run a program without expiry concerns. Premium programs like antivirus, diting tools provide the subscription feature. Users can buy the subscription and then use the program’s tools easily. When using the tool, people often enable auto-renewal. It renews the program to prevent subscription expiry and users can access the tool easily. But when you don’t require the program on the device then canceling the auto renewal is necessary. This service doesn’t stop until you disable it manually. When not running the program, disable it.

How Do I turn off auto renewal on Avast?

When the program is on auto renewal but you don’t need it anymore then cancel the license. Users can cancel the auto-renewal from any device using the online account.

1. Open a browser on any device
2. Search for the program and open its website
3. Click on the My Account tab and open the profile
4. Go to the subscription and select the plan

Choose the Cancel button and hit on the confirm option. When you cancel the renewal feature, you will get an email and now the subscription window will show the expiry date. Go to the program and now run its tools. You can run the premium services of the program till the provided date. After the date, the subscription of your program will expire and the user can’t run it. You shouldn’t wait till the expiry date for cancellation.

Canceling the subscription will only disable auto-renewal

When the subscription is renewed automatically, the services get extended for another year. But when you don’t need it then you can check for its refund option. Many premium services offer a refund on auto-renewal service. Look for the refund policy of your program. If the service is available then cancel the program and check for the refund.

1. Click on the browser and search for the program
2. Go to the website and click on Account
3. Log in to the program’s account
4. Click on Subscription
5. The user can see his new renewed license
6. Click on the license and tap on the cancel button
7. Users will get a refund wizard on the desktop
8. Read the wizard and select the Yes button

The user has to follow the screen and the subscription will be canceled. Now the user can’t access the premium tools of his software. The refund for cancellation will appear in a few days.

Blocking auto-renewal feature on Android

Lots of premium applications are available for Android. Users can find the tools for Android on their Play Store. If the tool is available then he can directly install its setup. For the premium application, he can purchase the license from the store. When the application of a user is in auto-renewal then he can use diable it from the Play Store.

1. Close the programs on your Android device
2. Select the Profile icon
3. Click on the Payments and Subscription option
4. Select the Subscription button
5. A list of applications will appear
6. Select the program and scroll down
7. Choose the Cancel button
8. You will get the Pause Subscription wizard
9. Click on the No Thanks button

Tap on Confirm option and now the license will get canceled.

After disabling the subscription, go to your application. Click on the subscription tab now to check the application’s expiry date. You can easily use the application on the phone.

Disable auto-renewal feature on iOS devices

For using the premium application, you have to install them from the App Store. After installation, you can access its services on the device. When the application is in auto-renewal but you want to disable it then go to the App Store.

1. Close the application and open App Store
2. Open the Profile icon and
3. Tap on subscription
4. Select the application and tap on the Cancel button
5. The user has to tap on Confirm button

Now, the auto-renewal feature of the program will get canceled.

Renewing the application manually

When you have disabled the auto-renewal but you need the application then go for the manual renewing process. Many programs don’t have the auto-renewal feature, when the subscription expires, users renew it manually. Open the program and select a subscription. Tap on renew option and select the plan. Fill in all details and the license of your application will get renewed.

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