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The right time has come to stay indoors with a cover, bed (or couch), and popcorn, giving us TV series binge-watching!

In addition to starting new TV shows, you can pick up the ones that have already aired and ended, to have all the seasons directly available without knowing the difficulty of waiting between one season and another and not staying there doubt whether your favorite character died in the season finale or not.

In short, the most incredible luxury of the addicted TV series! The Netflix catalog also has a selection of complete TV series: in this article, we’ll help you understand drawing ideas which ones are the best and must-see!


Which TV series to start? This is the big problem of serial fans, an existing problem that the questions “To be or not to be,” with all the love for Hamlet and Shakespeare, in comparison, are quisquillacchere. Don’t worry: we’re there to help you choose!

Netflix offers a ranking of the best complete TV series in the catalog voted by users, and we offer you our top ten.

Here are the ten best complete TV series on Netflix:

1. Masira

Haven’t you decided to start Breaking Bad yet? You can (and should) recover right away. If this is considered the best series in recent years, after all, there is a reason. I think you all know the plot: a chemistry teacher, Walter White, an end-stage cancer patient who decided to start making and selling methamphetamine to his former student Jesse Pinkman to guarantee a common future for his family. The action, twists, great script, and a good dose of wit make the series perfect.

2. A mother for a friend

Awaiting the long-awaited revival, to be released by Netflix on November 25, it’s time to check out the entire series (or at least memorable moments) of Una mamma per Amica. The series follows the story of Lorelai, an independent single mother, and her son Rory. If you’re looking for a delicious, fun, fun-free series full of irony and healthy femininity, you won’t miss this pearl. You won’t forget the inhabitants of Stars Hollow, for sure!

3. Show that 70

I loved this complete TV series so much in my youth that it didn’t include it in the rankings. Set in the 70s, it revolves around the crazy lives of a group of teenage friends listening to rock music and experiencing excellent drugs. A must for lovers of American sitcoms and can’t resist the vibe of the ’70s. Be sure to laugh with very young Ashton Kutcher (and Mila Kunis).

4 . Misfits

The British Misfits series certainly can’t be missed, a brilliant and enticing series featuring Iwan Rheon, known to all as the psychopath Ramsey Bolton of Game of Thrones. Here he plays one of five teenagers punished with six weeks of practical social work, who discover that they acquired superpowers after a particular storm. It is not said. However, that superpower always creates superheroes…

5. How I Met Your Mother

It is one of the most popular sitcoms of the last few years that starts when Ted decides to tell his kids how he met their mother through an ongoing flashback. To see if you want to amuse… leg-gen-da-rie!

6. Skin

No teenager in the world is not loved and has suffered along with the young protagonists of Skins, high school students from Bristol who are battling all the most diverse existing and common youth problems. In addition to the problems addressed, it has the particularity of developing the cast every two terms once the boys of the past generation have left high school. A must-watch.

7. Penny is terrible

If you love horror and you’re not weak at heart, Penny Dreadful is definitely for you. Characters of classic tales, including Frankenstein, Dracula, or Dorian Gray, see their lives intertwined with the Victorian’s dark and conflicting. Perfect for those looking for strong emotions. And then there’s Josh Hartnett and Eva Green.

8. Sons of Anarchy

An armed biker gang called Sons of Anarchy controls the city, contracts with rival bikers with different ethnic groups and laws. Set in a very current America, between arms sales, drugs, and murder, it’s a rock series, with a soundtrack, full of action and reflecting emotion and brotherhood. Superb cast, great script, and Charlie Hunnam complete the picture.

9. Luther

As a fan of the series made in Britain, I can’t fail to include Luther, along with the excellent Idris Elba. Series suitable for fans of the horror of the crime: the protagonist is John Luther, a high talent in London homicide inspector, whose brilliant mind can not protect him from the strength of his passions.

10. Boris

Last but not most minor, I also needed to include a complete TV series in Italy. Considered one of the few notable full-fledged Italian serializers (including Romanzo Criminale and Gomorra), Boris is a natural scene satirical fictional story “The eyes of the heart 2 “, showing the unknown lives and wrong actions of the actors. An all-Italian sitcom that is humorous but at the same time fierce satire in the world of soap and fiction.


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