Content Marketing Strategy Makes Customers Faithful

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Question: What is content marketing is easy to answer?

In marketing, you are by definition already used to starting from customer needs. Content marketing is a logical addition to this. In everything you communicate, you look at the needs that the customer has at a particular moment. Yes, at a certain point, because content marketing is based on the customer’s decision process.

During that “journey” he or she will pass different stations. In a good content marketing strategy, you ensure that the customer receives the information at each of those “stopovers” that he or she needs at that moment

Start From What The Customer Is Looking For And Fulfill That Need

This is not only more effective (customer satisfaction increases) but also more efficient (you can stop developing all kinds of material that no one is waiting for). More results, at lower costs. It may sound like a utopia, but in content marketing, we simply call it optimization.

Content Marketing and the Customer Journey Does this mean that you can no longer tell your story? No, on the contrary. It’s just a lot more taught and controlled. Of course, for the product-market combinations that you focus on, you have all kinds of information that you would like to convey on the stage. Your own digital marketing strategy ensures that this is done in the best possible way.

Let’s Start Aat The Beginning

Think carefully about that customer journey) and the endpoint where you want the customer to be? What is the final destination and which stops will be made? What information should a customer receive during the ride to stay on your bus and not transfer to a line with another destination?  If you get a good idea of ​​those customer needs, you can make an inventory of the materials you have available to meet those needs.

Is your website up to date?

Are the social media channels well organized?

Do you have photos and videos, texts and infographics available? Do you have enough information to publish an e-book and/or are you able to give a webinar? If after this “content assessment” it appears that materials are still missing, you still have time to provide them.

With Content Marketing, It is Just as Annoying as with Puzzles

If you think that a nice picture is created and a piece is missing, that is very unfortunate. So get started!  Guides during the customer journey In the meantime, you can think again carefully about your target audience. Are they all new customers who don’t know your company yet, or are they located in a different place in your marketing funnel? We distinguish a number of stations, just to stay in the ‘bus’ metaphor.

For the Sake of Clarity, We Focus in this Story on the First Three


A new target audience must of course first get to know your company. So in this first step, you have to make them aware of all the problems that you can solve for them.

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After they get to know you, they start comparing you with the competition and with other possible solutions.


Finally, it is time to make a decision. So here you are going to convert your leads into buyers. With a good content marketing strategy, you have the right materials available for each phase. But also think about the way in which you get the information to the customer. Which channel will you use to distribute your information?


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