Cool Ideas for Bath Bomb Packaging

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Bath bomb packaging

A bath bomb is the best cosmetic, a person can invest in. The first thing you will need when you think about a relaxing bath with warm water is a bath bomb because of all the magic it carries inside of it. It contains essential oils, shea butter, scent, sparkles, and everything you need for a bath after a long and tiring week.

Grabbing a glass of wine or coffee and lighting some candles can enhance the overall experience even more. Because of all the natural ingredients it carries, this product is becoming a very in-demand niche. In this blog, you will be reading about how you can enhance the look and feel of bath bomb packaging to attract more customers to your product and help your brand become a reputed one.

Here are some of the Cool Ideas for Bath Bomb Packaging

1. Use Die-Cut Boxes

This is the most popular and classic way of packaging any product and not only bath bombs. A die-cut box design automatically enhances the appeal of your packaging, and that enhancing appeal can result in attracting more customers.

Most customers prefer these kinds of boxes because this style looks beautiful, and they can look at the product before purchasing it. If your product is available in retail stores, then this means you won’t be able to hire a salesperson to influence the purchase decision of your customers.

So, use these boxes to make the customer feel satisfied that you are confident in the product you are selling. This box may decrease the place for other customizations, but customers won’t care about the customization if they can have a good look at the product.

2. Go for Boxes Within and Out Print

Printing inside of the box may come as a surprise for most customers because very few brands use this technique. You might think that printing both on the outside and inside of boxes will cost you more, but it is not true, and even if you have to spend some more bucks so is the money important than your customers?

It is a misconception that custom boxes will cost you more, but in reality, these boxes are cheaper compared to stock packaging. If you have to decrease your profit margins slightly to build a more firm base, then it isn’t a bad trade, is it? Remember that customer loyalty is your best asset, and these kinds of boxes will help you in gaining that trust.

3. Use Packaging Inserts

You might have noticed when you buy soap or a bath bomb (packaging), they have cracks in them, and this is because of the falls these products face during shipping and delivery. Use inserts inside of the box to protect the product from cracks and maybe breakage. Inserts protect your product and help in selling more products when you pack multiple bath bombs inside one box.

Adding an insert won’t cost you much, but it can enhance your customer’s unboxing experience, and you might get a shoutout just by using inserts. So the conclusion is that when you use inserts, you hit two birds with one stone number one, you protect the product, and the second is that customers might give you a shoutout resulting in spreading brand awareness.

4. Stickers and Labels are Important:

After the full customization of the packaging is done, now comes the time to top it all off, and labels and stickers will be your friend here. Place some stickers on the packaging and if your customers don’t prefer an overall printed box, then use stickers to fill the void left by not printing. The stickers will release a positive vibe that everyone needs.

5. Deliver Luxury:

Don’t get confused by the word luxury that it may cost you much more but relax, that is not the case. Applying a gold foil or silver foil sticker is very cost-effective, but it gives a luxurious feel to the packaging. You don’t have to use these stickers; if you don’t feel like doing it, there are many other options to enhance the visual appeal of the (bath bomb) packaging.

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Here are some of the major advantages of bath bomb packaging ideas that you can have by using innovative bath bomb boxes. Consider checking what your competitors are doing and see which add-ons or designs your competitors use. You also need to check the material you use in the overall box manufacturing in addition to bath bomb gift packaging designs. It is possible for you to save a lot of money from your side by ordering bulk orders for cardboard bath bomb boxes through reliable companies.

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