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data recovery

Data recovery is the process of recovering data that has been defected or damaged from your storage media. Data stored on media such as hard drives, raid configurations, tapes, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, or other storage media. With the latest and the most advanced in-house techniques, we are able to recover your lost files.

So, You are Dealing with Data Loss?

Do you want to have your data again immediately? And you want to be helped quickly and discreetly? Then you are in the right place with Raid Recovery Service!! In all cases, we offer a data recovery service for a fast, safe, and discreet recovery of your valuable data. Ask for help immediately.

Data can be damaged for numerous reasons. You can lose your data due to software problems or physical problems, and of course accidents such as short circuits, water damage, fire damage, etc. Data Recovery can sometimes be performed on both hardware and software, but in both cases, the help of our data recovery specialists will have to be called in. Contact us directly!

Our Data Recovery Service recovers your PC hard drive, laptop hard drive, email data, and much more. Disk drives with physical damage are processed in an anti-static Class 100 cleanroom for maximum safety. data recovery all hard disk brands we use the maxim “no data, no costs” in all data recovery processes. If for any reason we are unable to recover your data, you do not owe us any money. Have your hard drive collected completely free of charge.

When Data is Lost, Data Recovery Offers Solution:

There can be all kinds of causes for data loss. With our data recovery service, we offer data recovery for all types of media such as PC hard drives, laptop hard drives, or even advanced RAID configurations. Regardless of the data, you are looking for, we can recover your data. Data loss is often caused by people themselves. You must think of accidentally deleting files or even an entire partition. Formatting is also sometimes undesirable. Sometimes people forget that important files are still on a hard drive and it is formatted.

If it turns out afterward that there are still important files on it, it is necessary to act professionally. When it comes to important files such as the financial administration of a company, customer registrations, projects, and contracts, it is imperative that the files are restored quickly and securely. Raid Recovery Service offers a solution in all cases. Whether it concerns business or private files, it is always important to handle this with care.

What Not to do if a hard drive has crashed?

Step 1.

Do not start up if strange noises can be heard.

Step 2.

Do not save files if something unwanted has been deleted (or formatted).

Step 3.

Do not replace arbitrary parts yourself.

Step 4. Don’t unscrew:

Our data recovery solutions provide a positive result in 95% percent of the cases. Even in case of fire or water damage or if your hard drive, laptop or computer has been dropped. To safely restore your important files, it is best to contact us directly. Don’t make the situation worse by tinkering with it yourself. It would be a shame if you worsen the problem to such an extent that even our data recovery service is no longer possible.

Of course, you do not want to be one of those only 5% percent of the cases where data recovery has proven impossible. Data recovery can be applied in 2 ways, software or physical. Software recovery is possible for deleted files, software damage, virus, formation, etc.

Physical recovery is used when parts are damaged. If a hard drive is dropped or when there is water and fire damage, the hard drive must be made physically accessible. This is an expert, intensive and precise process.

In case of physical damage, a hard disk usually has to be treated in a cleanroom.

Cleanroom LAB:

The space in which a hard disk is opened must be 100% dust-free. Only the smallest part of the dust in the air should not end up on the platter of the hard disk. When dust particles from the air end up on it, it is usually irreversible for good. That is why a cleanroom is very important to be able to perform a successful hard disk recovery.

This is therefore completely dust-free.

The read and write head is a sensitive part of a hard disk that is often damaged. This part reads and writes the data on and from the platters. The platter on which the data is physically written is concealed inside the hard disk. When a hard drive is dropped, the read and write head is often damaged. At this stage, the data can be successfully recovered with Raid Recovery Service in 95% of the cases.


Data recovery is a difficult process that requires expertise and experience. Specialist technicians can recover your files. So if you think you need an expert one, don’t hesitate to contact.

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