Different Types of Food Thermometers

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food thermometers

Are you into cooking professionally or just for the love of food? If so, then this post is especially for you.

The people who love cooking different cuisines can easily vouch that the act of cooking is both an art and science. One needs to be extremely good with flavors and temperatures to make a delicious meal. The people who love spending their time in the kitchen or have taken up cooking as a profession would know the number of distinguishing utensils and equipment they need in order to be on point with a particular recipe.

The food cooked at home is not made with a lot of technicalities. It is the professionals who have to take care of several criteria in order to meet the food quality and safety standards along with the taste of the dish. Of all these prerequisites, the major aspect to be looked at is the temperature of the food item.

Food Temperature

The food temperature plays a significant role in the preparation of a recipe. Only if the food ingredients are at the right temperature will the dish be nutritious as well as delicious. Overcooked food or undercooked food put an extremely bad impression on the customers indulging in the dish. Another fact that can be astonishing for you is that each food item or each recipe has a varying appropriate temperature. The chefs need to be on point with the temperature of the dish in order to avoid any proceedings from the food authorities.

When we talk about food temperature measurement, then it is a must to explore food thermometers. This is the equipment which is a lifesaver for all the chefs. Within food thermometers there comes a lot of options. Each type of kitchen thermometers has a unique purpose to it.

So let’s just dive into the different temperature readers available to the professionals of the food industry.

#1. Instant – Read Thermometer

This is the thermometer that you need, to know if your food is well cooked or not. Available in digital as well as analog styles, one can choose the style in which they are comfortable. One thing you need to know about this one is that it is not a leave-in thermometer. You will use this thermometer once the food is cooked as per your knowledge. This one is a good option to keep a track of the time period in which the temperature is changing. This helps in making the decision about the right time to serve the food so that people can relish the dish.

#2. Meat Thermometer

Best meat thermometer is used when preparing roasted meat. The dishes like meat or chicken need to be tracked constantly so that they are appropriately cooked. For the usage of a meat thermometer, the chef has to insert it into the meat throughout the roasting process. This type of thermometer is more or less similar to the instant-read thermometer, the difference lies in the usage and the display style. With a meat thermometer, one gets a bigger analog display making it easier to read the temperature of the meat.

#3. Candy and Deep fry Thermometer

This kind of thermometer is used for measuring extremely hot temperatures. Glass is the material used in the manufacturing of these thermometers. Just as the name suggests, this thermometer is used to measure the temperature of candies and deep-fried foods. Both these items require temperatures as high as 300 F and 375 F respectively.

Food Thermometer

This is way higher in comparison to meat temperatures which stay somewhere between 170 F – 175 F. While one can find candy and deep fry thermometers individually, people usually buy the one where both the purposes can be resolved with just one piece of equipment. There is always a curiosity about the reason to use food thermometers in candy making and fried food. The thing is that sugar is a complex ingredient. It has to be at the right temperature to be able to bring out the correct flavor in the recipe.

#4. Oven Thermometer

Ovens are the most useful kitchen appliance. Be it baking or grilling, there is hardly any dish that can not be made in an oven. The ovens usually have inbuilt oven thermometers which display the temperature inside the oven. However, the accuracy of these thermometers is questionable. It has been observed that the oven temperatures displayed on the thermometer are at times higher or lower by about 25-50 degrees.

Temperature plays a very important role in baking. It is the deciding factor and it can either make or break the dish. In order to be right about the temperature, one can use the oven temperatures to be placed outside the oven to keep track of the heat inside it. Whether it is someone who is new to the ovens or a professional in baking, this thermometer will be a savior.

#5. Refrigerator Thermometer

Refrigerators have been one of the best innovations. This has helped in keeping the food items fresh for a long. Having said that, refrigerators are machines that can go wrong at times. This can spoil all the food items kept inside. Refrigerators have a range of temperatures that need to be maintained. If that does not happen then the needed bacteria cannot survive.

In case you are in doubt about your refrigerator temperatures, then you need to get your hands on the refrigerator thermometer. This instrument will be of great help to know about the actual temperature inside the fridge. This is an extremely useful tool to prevent your food from getting stale and spoiled.


These food thermometers mentioned above can be purchased from specific sellers. Since these are made for a specific use, they are available with stores that specialize in food equipment. Whether you are aspiring for a career in the food industry or are already a chef, you would surely need this magical thing to take you up a notch in the competition. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the food thermometer that suits your requirements.


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