Google Releases New Android App “WifiNanScan” To Connect Nearby Phones Without GPS

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WifiNanScan app

Wifinanscan Application

Google has always been releasing useful applications for android users. They never fail to satisfy the user’s comfort when it comes to the UX and UI of the application. The WiFiNanScan application measures the distance between two smartphones using a protocol called “WiFi – Aware”. This is also called the “Neighborhood Awareness Networking”. This feature works in every mobile that has an upgraded android version, 8.1 and above. It is a testing tool for users generally. With this app, it is possible to measure the distance from 1 meter to 15 meters. Developers, OEMs, and researchers can use this tool to verify remote / range measurements.

WiFi Awareness Networking works either by creating clusters with devices that are within the radius or by creating a new cluster if the device is first available. This clustering behavior applies to the entire device. Also, it is managed by the Wi-Fi Awareness System service while applications do not have control over clustering behavior.

WifiNanScan App Works in the Following Ways:

Step 1. Discover Other Devices

A device publishes one or more services that are identified by another device. A notification is sent to the publisher when a subscriber tries to connect. After this, the publisher can message a subscriber or establish a connection. Devices can parallelly be both a publisher and a subscriber.

Step 2. Create a Network Connection

Once the two devices detect each other, a two-way WiFi Awareness Network connection can be established without an access point.

The process of installing the app includes:

Step 1:

Asking for permissions such as accessibility to the WiFi and location.

Step 2:

Checking whether the application supports the device or either way.

Step 3:

Finding out if the app already exists in the device, whether it is enabled or disabled, and more.

Google claims that the technology supports “higher performance rates over longer distances than Bluetooth connections”.

Potential usage cases alleged by the WiFi alliance include:

1. Securely transferring a document to the printer without logging into the network.

2. Check out the restaurant menu and book tables while walking by, without an internet connection, even if the restaurant is closed.

3. School-check ins are time-stamped and roll-calls are automated.

4. Regulate airport security, customs, and immigration processing using a mobile ID (ID) such as a driver’s license or passport, without the need for passengers to provide a hard copy of the identification.

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Even though WifiNanScan app is the successor to the WifiRttScan app, which Google introduced two years ago to use WiFi circuit travel time instead of GPS for internal fitting, the company has also made significant advances in WiFi awareness that helps to find a lost phone or perform other activities with the enhancements.

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