How to Add or Modification Banner Pictures on Your WordPress Website

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Modify Banner Picture

Do you want to add your banner picture or modify or customize your banner picture? Follow The below steps.

Customization could be a sensible factor. Lots of the themes on feature associate degree choice which permits users to transfer their terribly own custom image header to get-a-way additional customized look and feel. The employment of this selection is totally free of cost, associate degreed you are doing not have to be compelled to purchase an upgrade so as to alter your header—as long as you are exploiting one among the themes that have the choice.

Step 1.

Log in to your website which was build using WordPress.

Step 2.

Upload banner image from your system (laptop/desktop).

Step 3.

Click on Media option (left navigation) > Add New.

You will see an option i.e. ‘Multi-file uploader’ – you will do constant tasks with the ‘Browser uploader’ but these directions area unit for exploitation ‘Multi-file uploader’. The banner picture should be either 910*180px or 910*70px which shows as a proper manner. The provided area of example files units already sized to those dimensions and also the dimensions shouldn’t be cropped or modified in any approach.
Either – drag and drop the media files you would like to use on your website.

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Step 4.

Fill within the Alternate Text field.

Step 5.

Take note of the File universal resource locator. This is the universal resource locator (URL) you should employ to link to the image or file.

Step 6.

Now Click on ‘Save all changes’.

As per Communications Standards of York’s, a 180px tall header image ought to solely be used on the main page of a website. All the different pages ought to use the 70px tall image. If you are employing a 70px tall image on all of your pages, insert the image next to each ‘Main Page Header’ and ‘Secondary Page Header’.


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