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HP printer

The HP printer is one of the well-known printing devices in the market. Rarely you can face issues with this printer. However, common things like the printer printing blank pages does arise from time to time. HP envy printing blank pages are not however anything one needs to worry about.

Identify Problem and Fix It:

There are a number of documented ways in which you can fix this problem. Apply these solutions first, and try to fix the issue in your own manner with these steps. If these do not work, then you can always opt for the option of HP customer care. There are toll-free numbers, phone chats, and even service helpline stores which are run by HP for the express purpose of helping with things like HP printer printing blank pages.

There are also authorized dealers or service centers that are located in almost all parts of the world, thus with HP the level of access provided for customer care services is significantly high.

Steps to Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages:

Step 1.

One of the first things you need to do is check whether or not there is a sufficient amount of ink in the printer. The ink would start appearing faint from a few prints, and only then should you make sure to change it or replace it to avoid later problems.

Step 2.

Another thing you can do, if you are using a device on the Windows 10 printer option is that go to the system preferences there. You will now get a dialog box that opens on the screen, choose the option which says maintenance out of the three and click on it.

Another box opens on the screen which says the option of clean is on it. Click on it and give the system some time for the initiation to happen.

Step 3.

One can also try to switch off the power button on the device entirely, as well as make sure that they have a buffer period in which you do not use the device so that in case there are other concerns like overheating, they do not affect the device.

Step 4.

You can also enable the automatic clean-up from the settings, as well as do it manually in the manner described above as well.

Step 5.

Another important aspect that leads to concerns for the printer is the software-related concerns. This is something that needs to have regular renewals on its own. Meaning, make sure you keep downloading the updates which appear on your screen.

Step 6.

Keep in mind that you have to might also be having HP printer printing blank pages due to other reasons like the device may have acquired some virus or malware of some sort. This is something for which simple preventive measures should be taken.

Step 7.

For instance, one preventive measure you could take is to check whether you have good anti-virus software downloaded on your device. This is something which will require only some extra investment.

Step 8.

However, the updates from an anti-virus prevent a lot of issues from arising on the device at later stages. This is also something that you will have to bear in mind to enable notifications.

Step 9.

Make sure that you have your device notifications enabled before you start to use them again. Download the software updates which you deem necessary. You can also keep track of which ones are essential by enabling this.

Step 10.

Moreover, if these steps still do not help in the HP printer printing blank pages, then it is recommended that you go to the 123.hp.com website. This website will not only give you a list of the specifications on the printer but will also give you detailed information regarding the same.

Step 11.

Ensure that you visit this website for a rough idea of what could possibly be wrong with your HP printer. But you can also visit it if you want to renew your printer device’s software options, the printer driver software, and other things.

Step 12.

Lastly, also ensure that you have a properly working internet connection, printer connection as well as peripherals attached to your device for it to be in good working condition and to prevent further problems.

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The black page printing problem is not a big problem. Just follow the above steps by step solutions and fix your printer issues. If you think this problem still not there in the printer you can visit 123.hp.com for more information.


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