IBM Blade Center T Ethernet Switch Module (90P3776)

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IBM Blade Center

This 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Module is a high-speed Ethernet switch option for IBM Blade Center T. Blade Center T has four module bays for network switches. Ethernet connections can be made by installing four BladeCenter T 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Flash Modules in the module bays one to four of BladeCenter T. These modules provide high-speed connections between BladeCenter T blade servers and the outside world network environment. Each port supports Ethernet connections of 10/100/1000Mbps.

When installed in the switch bay a single switch module can support an eight-way blade server or four 4-way server blades. To provide redundancy, a second switch module can also install in the switch bay.

Two additional 4-port gigabit Ethernet switches can add to the BladeCenter T chassis when used with the IBM eServer BladeCenter Gigabit Ethernet extension card. The Ethernet connection between the switch module and the management module is use to initialize. Configure and monitor switches. An I2C interface connects the switch to the management module and collects information about the status of the switch modules.

Benefits and Features

Allows connectivity between up to 8 2-way blade servers and 4 4-way blade servers to your IP Network

  • To provide failover redundancy, you can install up to four gigabit Ethernet module modules per chassis.
  • Reduce rack space requirements by installing in existing BladeCenter 3T chassis.
  • Both switch modules can manage through the BladeCenter T system management capabilities.
  • IBM Blade Center T Redundant Management Module/KVM/IBM Blade Center T Redundant KVM (90P3741).

IBM Blade Center T’s optional

The redundant KVM/Management module provides even greater levels of resilience. BladeCenter T comes standard with one Management module and one KVM. The second module can use in standby or passive mode. While the primary module is still in use.

The second module automatically becomes active if the primary module fails. It will then be enabled with the same configuration settings as the primary module. Customers can access the BladeCenter T chassis remotely and connect to it for critical applications.

Benefits and features

  • Higher levels of resilience
  • Supports high availability and efficiency
IBM Blade Center PCI I/O Extension Unit (90P3721).

BladeCenter T chassis supports this optional expansion module. This module can use to support legacy Power Supply Modules telecommunications interfaces such as T1/E1/J1, SS7, and ATM. The module supports two 100MHz PCI-X adapters and attaches to an HS20 blade or HS40 blade. It also consumes one Power Supply Module 8 blade slot in the BladeCenterT chassis.

A Power Supply Module PCI/O expansion unit is integrated with an HS20 Blade to create a double-wide solution. An integrated PCI/O expansion unit with an HS40 Power Supply Module Blade uses three-blade slots. The BladeCenter T chassis may have a second module. It can use to provide redundancy or support two additional Power Supply Module network connections (via PCI adapters). This option allows Service Providers to connect to and support multiple types of telco voice/data networks.

Benefits and features

  • Configuration flexibility
  • Network integration and efficiency improved

1GB IDE Flash drive (90P3771), 1.5GB IDE flash drive (90P3772), AND 4GB (90P3773).

These blade storage modules can be used to boot an operating system on a blade server. IDE flash drives are made from non-rotating media and can pass NEBS/ETSI certification, which is often required for thermally challenging telecommunications environments.

Benefits and features
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Increased reliability
Post Rack Mount Kit (90P3774).

This mounting kit was specifically designed to support the BladeCenter T chassis with 84 inches (42U tall) 2 Post racks. These racks are commonly used in telecommunications infrastructure.

Post Rack Mount Kit (90P3775).

Kit was specifically designed to support the BladeCenter T chassis within the 4-Post rack environment commonly deployed in telecommunications infrastructure. BladeCenter T has a 20-inch deep chassis and requires special mounting rails or support frames to support it.

Benefits and features
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Reduce investment in a rack infrastructure

Three-year limited warranty on the IBM Blade Center T Gigabit Ethernet switch module options and IBM Blade Center T Gigabit Ethernet switch modules

  • Blade Center T (Type 8720-1RX or 8730-1RX)
  • Blade Center H20 (Type 198832-GTX)
  • BladeCenter HR40 (Type 8539-6TX).

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