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E-Commerce is a giant online marketplace that is growing insanely and becoming competitive. As a retailer, you may have faced top marketing channels out there and are still competing. You already know that those channels are serving better eCommerce shopping experiences.

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Top-rated eCommerce businesses focus on enhancing customers’ shopping journeys. They ensure an enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience for the customers. This is why they outshine other big competitors out there.

Most retailers are busy increasing site traffic rather than focusing on existing customers. Research indicates that businesses spend $1 for customer conversion. Pretty low, isn’t it? They spend $92 on generating traffic rather than focusing on existing traffic.

Surprisingly,  some simple tweaks can boost your eCommerce ROI and conversion. In this article, we are presenting Five little tweaks to enhance your eCommerce shop experience.

1. Work on Your Website’s Effectiveness

First of all, you have to work on your website’s user experience or user interface. Make your customers’ buying journey as easy as possible. To make it easy, you have to consider a few things.

  • Loading time

A slow-loading site will annoy your customers, and they will look for other available options. You have to grab your customers’ attention as quickly a possible.

You will lose 10% of visitors if it takes more than 2 seconds to load content. If you visit the top eCommerce sites, you will notice that it takes only one or two seconds to load.

  • Navigation

Another major user experience issue is navigation that affects customers’ attention. The navigation of your website should be logical and place products in the right place. Your customers’ buying journey should be flexible throughout the whole purchase process.

Product listing and categorization should be simple so that customers can find your products easily. If your customers can’t find the product in your store, they visit another site. So, with easy and logical product placement, you can make your customer stay.

Think like a customer before planning your website’s navigation. Make the navigation process accessible for every type of buyer.

Some customers are sure about the product they are buying. But some customers prefer product suggestions, reviews, and recommendations while buying.

  • Responsiveness

Look around you. Most people are using mobile devices to surf the internet and marketplace as well. Mobile-friendly websites are a must to compete or even stay in the current marketplace. For a starter, you can consider Google’s Responsive Web Design guidelines.

Mobile responsive sites work great on mobile devices as well as desktops. The Mobile version of the website works like an application compared to a desktop website. It will look organized on smaller screens such as mobile or tablet.

Experts recommend a mobile responsive website to get a better sales outcome. So, if your website is not mobile responsive, then work on it right away.

Statistics by Outerbox shows, in the last six months, 79% of users purchased products online via mobile devices. They also projected that soon 70% of eCommerce would arise from mobile devices.  Therefore, your site has to perform well on mobile devices to get more customers.

The greatest advantage of a mobile responsive website is that it’s accessible from anywhere. That means your conversion will increase notably with a responsive website.

2. Prevent Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a big problem in eCommerce businesses, and you must prevent it. So, you must have a proper strategy to avoid shopping cart abandonment.

According to numerous eCommerce studies, the current cart abandonment rate is 74.52%. This means retailers are losing half of their potential sales. But with a proper cart recovery strategy, you can regain those lost sales.

  • Show Detailed Cost

The primary reason for abandoning the cart is displaying high costs without clarification. Customers fall back when they see a total cost that is higher than their expectations. So, provide total cost with all the included charges, tax, vat, etc.

  • Checkout Process on Every Page

Use the shopping cart on every page to remind your customer to complete the checkout process. Shoppers will get an idea about their budget every time they see the subtotal. So, they will finish the checkout process right after they reach their budget.

  • Continue Shopping Button on Cart

Never let your customer abandon the cart with this simple yet effective tweak. While placing an order, your customer may want to buy something else. So, add a “Continue Shopping” so that customers continue their shopping on your eCommerce shop.

  • Offers on The Checkout Space

Some retailers display offers to the customers so that they can save some money. The display offers such as “Free shipping if you add $20 more to your cart”. In this way, you can increase your customer’s order value and your profit.

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3. Use Decent and Professional images

All your efforts of getting more customers to your page will be useless unless they buy from you.  That is why you have to use a professional image on your website to grab their attention. Always use high-quality images that are better than your competitors.

Different social media such as Instagram and Pinterest promote great quality images. In eCommerce, these social media focuses on high-quality product images. So, professional and high-quality images carry great importance more than ever.

Remember that eCommerce shops cannot create the real-world experience of physical stores. So, you need to fill in that blank with excellent visualization.

Provide several images of a product taken from different angles. Make your customers feel the product visually or without even touching it.

File Size, resolution, shadow, background, and content of the image are some essential factors. Make your image stand out by including all these factors on the images of your website.

3. Make the Buying Process Easy

Let’s say you have cool images, design, and responsiveness in your website but is that all? The main purpose of an eCommerce shop is to generate more sales and produce more revenue. So, don’t deviate from the main purpose and make the purchase process easy for the customers.

  • Menu Structure

Make an easy menu for your customers that includes proper submenus as well. To make your menu more accessible, you can include icons in it.

  • Quick Purchase

Make your website structure very clean so that it takes only a few steps to complete a purchase process. Make sure customers can add or remove products from the cart anytime they want to.

  • Search Option

The search option should take your customers precisely to the product that they are searching for.  So, make an easy search process on your eCommerce shop.

  • Payment Gateway

Make the payment process flexible for your customers so that customers can check out quickly. You cannot add all the payment gateways on your website. So, select the payment gateway that is popular in your region of sales.

  • Account Registration

Let your customers create an account on your eCommerce shop using their email addresses. If you can save your customer’s payment information on our website, they can make a quick purchase.

  • Utilize the Email Option

You can also send an email to the customers who abandoned the cart after adding products. This process may get your customer back to your eCommerce shop to complete the purchase process.

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Send store updates such as newly added product information to your customers. Shoppers are always eager to get new product information. So, product updates will allow you to grab your customer’s attention.

  • Store Update

Constantly update all the product-related information of your eCommerce shop. Due to updated information, customers will get the exact product. Updating the product information will also help you to display ads and search results appropriately.

  • Add PDF invoice

Challan- WooCommerce PDF Invoice is an essential plugin for WooCommerce based stores. When a customer places an order, the plugin automatically generates invoices. The plugin immediately sends the invoice to the customer based on order status.

The outstanding features of this plugin that makes the checkout process very professional. A customer always trusts an invoice that includes properly formatted purchase information. Challan comes with all the necessary features such as a watermark, signature, and more.

5. Prioritize your customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to earn the trust of customers or website visitors. It significantly impacts your customer’s opinions toward your products. People usually purchase a product with five-star reviews.

Nowadays, customers are concerned about the product they are buying. Their buying intention increases with the number of reviews. So, If a product has ten positive reviews, customers will undoubtedly focus on that product before buying.

While shopping, you may have seen some product reviews before deciding to buy a product. In a product review, people highlight something positive or negative about a product. Customers usually buy a product that has positive reviews because it earns trust.

Online retailers should always put reviews on the product page of their eCommerce shop. It helps customers to measure the effectiveness of the product.  Customers will also be able to get their queries related to the product.

If you add reviews on your product pages, customers won’t need to find reviews in any search engine. Add tags based on user reviews to enhance the search functionality according to user reviews.

Start with start ratings to implement customer reviews on your website. Then allow social media content, add content, images, videos, etc., to prove effectiveness.

Share the positive reviews on different social media as content or in ad format.  It will help you get more traffic to your website. You can maximize the SEO effort for the website by targeting relevant terms of reviews.


Ecommerce is snowballing with the need for optimization to enhance the shopping experience. There are endless ways to tweak your website and boost your customer’s shopping journey. But we have gathered the best ways that you should adopt and implement.

These simple tweaks can drastically uphold the outcome of the sales of your eCommerce shop. So, we highly recommend you apply these tweaks to your eCommerce website right away.

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