Nalbuphine injection | Know the Uses and Side Effects

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kinz (nalbuphine) injection


  1. Brand name- Kinz/ Nubain
  2. Generic Name- Kinz Hydrochloride

Available in the market as Kinz or Nubain, Kinz is an opioid medication used to treat moderate to severe pain. The doctors usually use this medicine post-childbirth or surgery as an anesthetic or pain killer.

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Kinz should not be taken if you are allergic to the components of the drug or if you have severe breathing problems. A person suffering from frequent Bowel problems must also avoid taking this drug as this Opioid containing drug slows down the immune processes of the body by behaving as an Anesthesia supplement.

How to take Kinz (Kinz)?


The message is as urgent as it is capitalized! Kinz is an injection that comes in a solution form. This injection is injected into the muscles of the patient by a nurse usually every 3 to 6 hours to relieve the pain. The doctors do not prescribe this dose regularly but if they are doing so, let them know what after-effects you are experiencing while the ongoing treatment with Kinz (nalbuphine) injection.

If ever you are an expert and your doctor allows you to take Kinz (nalbuphine) injection‘s make sure that you take them around the same time to avoid any complication due to the biological clock.

Most prominent side effects of Kinz

Kinz is an opioid analgesic that may react differently if it doesn’t suit the consumer. You need to make sure to seek medical help immediately if you see any allergic reactions. The signs may include swelling of facial parts such as the face, lips, tongue, or throat and difficulty in breathing.

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Inform someone around you if you feel drowsy and it becomes too difficult to breathe. Kinz may slow down your breathing rates and it may even lead to death.

Tell your Caretaker if you are having serious breathing problems due to the intake of Kinz.

Dosage of Kinz

Kinz/ kinz is a pain killer which may/ may not show its effect if you have been using the same dose for a long duration or if you are using an Opioid analgesic other than kinz. Let your doctor know if you are using a medicine that they may prescribe a suitable dose for you.

Some doctors use Kinz (nalbuphine) injection during childbirth but, after childbirth or during labor pain, the medicine must be either refrained or taken in very low amounts because the effect of Opioid may affect the newborn severely.

Immediately see a doctor if the nursing baby feels suddenly drowsy or shows other symptoms such as slow breathing. Kinz may show severe effects if taken for long terms. It is usually injected under the skin or into muscles or a vein. Make sure you do not take this injection yourself and let an expert do that for you.

Kinz’s effects must stop showing if you have been using it for longer periods so, tell your doctor if you feel the drug isn’t working on the prescribed dosage. To a person suffering from pain, Kinz (nalbuphine) injections are introduced in small doses and slowly in 3-6 hours. The withdrawal symptoms of this drug may be very unpleasant if you have been taking this drug for a longer period. Never try to take a dose of Kinz yourself unless you are an expert because the anesthetic effect of the drug may cause more harm than benefit in pain.

Overdose of Kinz (Nalbuphine)

Doctors do not provide Kinz to be taken at home or by the patient itself. But, if you have taken Kinz in an Overdose make sure to contact your nearest doctor immediately or ask someone to take you to the doctor. Because, the effects of an overdose may cause drowsiness, struggle in breathing and it may be fatal.

Precautions with the medicines [Kinz (Nalbuphine) Injection]

A dosage of Anesthesia or Opioid may make you feel drowsy. So, prevent taking alcohol with or after taking the drug. Make sure you do not take alcohol until the effect of Kinz wears off.

Also, avoid driving or walking through heights because you may face a fall or severe injury if you walk while not having control of your body.

Let your doctor know

1. If you take any other long-term medicine because opioids may react dangerously with other drugs, such as

-> Sedatives,

-> Tranquilizers,

-> Opioids medication, and

-> Alcohol.

2. If you ever had a kidney, lung, or heart disease. Also, let them know if you have survived a heart attack. The decrease in breathing rate affects other functions in the human body as well. Consult your doctor if you are about to plan pregnancy as Kinz also affects fertility in both males and females.

3. If you are a long-term consumer of Kinz then do not stop the intake immediately because it may cause severe withdrawal symptoms, such as

-> Teary eyes,

-> Excessive sweat,

-> Chills,

-> Yawning,

-> Joint pain,

-> Loss of appetite,

-> Diarrhea,

-> Vomit,

-> Irregular heartbeats, etc.

Always Reminder

A doctor will never give you a kinz injection for a long term, then make sure that you let your doctor know that you have taken regular doses of Kinz so that your doctor gives you relevant medications if you are ready.

Where to buy Kinz?

First of all, keep in mind, if you are taking Kinz injection on a long-term basis then you need to see a doctor frequently because only an expert can suggest to you how to have the intake of Kinz regulated.

To avail prolonged dosage of Kinz, you won’t have to roam around the pharma clinics anymore!

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Kinz is an opioid analgesic. It must always keep away from children. This medicine must never share with anyone else because the dosage for every individual can be different.

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