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TheOneSpy has worked for the monitoring of digital devices to know the online activities. The addition of social media has created the need to monitor online and socializing activities. The more time spend kids on different social networking sites can risky for them. They are more likely to be involved in cyberbullying, online predators, sex offenses, and other online crimes.

A lot of troubles come with the use of social media so, parents can secure their kids. They can save by keeping an eye on their children. In this article, we discuss the kid’s safety from the advanced social messenger apps. How the monitoring software safeguards kid’s activities. TheOneSpy monitoring application makes sure the parents towards the kid’s online activities and their safety.

Facebook messenger

Facebook is considering the largest social media network in the world. It has billions of users at the same time. This app allows the users to share & post images, videos with a text caption. This allows the users to communicate and share their feelings by text messages from all corners of the world. It also enables to make audio-video calls. With the all benefits it allows the predators and cheaters or exploits the kids violated.

Monitoring Facebook messenger

The Facebook tracking app of theOneSpy is considering to keep spy the Facebook activities. For the monitoring of this app, you need to install the app into the targeted device. Then you can spy the all activities remotely. It enables the user to track all chats, calls, posts, comments, and friend lists or moreover.

Whatsapp messenger app

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app that is more commonly use. It has billions of users worldwide. This app allows exchanging photos, videos, GPS location, contacting list, and document files. Like another social networking app, WhatsApp also uses for online harassment. It allows all online bullies and other threats.

Whatsapp monitoring app

WhatsApp spy app allows the complete tracking of targeted WhatsApp. It enables the parents to spy the all chats, incoming outgoing calls, sharing data, and other performed activities. Parents take advantage of this spy app to track the all activities of their kids.

Instagram social media app

Instagram is trendy use social media app. it allows the user to share photos, videos, and updates by post. It allows the user to post and comments on their friends and followers. It attached billion of people around the world.

Instagram spy

It is a basic need of parents to supervise their kid’s Instagram accounts. There are a lot of online bullies and unbearable activities performed on it. TheOneSpy monitoring application enables the parents to track all activities of targeted Instagram. It enables the user to spy on all photos, videos, posts, and sharing data. No other software can do smoothly as this monitoring app track the social messenger’s accounts.

How theOneSpy can monitor the social messenger accounts?

There are a lot of spy apps that make sure the tracking of different social media apps. This app claims the tracking of online activities by the features. Now, we describe the way to use theOneSpy for monitoring. For the tracking, you need to visit the official page of theOneSpy and select the tracking software.

Then get the physical access of the monitoring app toward the targeted device. After getting the email ID and password. It enables the user to access the control panel for monitoring. Users can also download the file from the control panel.

Features of theOneSpy

Some unique features are there in the application which will help you to understand before using it.

Call recording

Users can help by this tracking software to spy on the targeted device. It also enables the user to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls of your kid’s social accounts. It spies all audio-video calls on Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook and also records all calls and listens.

Social media monitoring

You can get access all social media apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, Facebook, Kik, IMO, or others. it also helps parents to track kid’s accounts that are aware of their all online activities.

Access browsing history

You can use theOneSpy monitoring app. it enables the user to track the targeted device and know all browsing history in real-time and date.

Screen recording

You can use the one spy application to see the current activities of the targeted device. It also makes it possible to access the screen with the live activities and record activities.


Parents can use this spy app, for the complete monitoring of kid’s online also enables the user to take screenshots of the live activities of your kid’s social accounts.

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TheOneSpy is tracking different social media apps. It gives a great opportunity to safeguard the kids from online threats. This app allows the parents to track WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. It helps to protect the kids from all online threats.

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