Node.Js or React.Js : Which Platform Is Best

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Two most important JavaScript technologies are Node.JS and React.JS. Node Js is an open-source and cross-platform routine environment to execute Javascript codes. It is not a programming language. React.js is an open-source JavaScript library for building single-page user interfaces. Though they are entirely different, both have some advantages and disadvantages.

If you are confused about which one will be good for your JavaScript project, keep reading. I will discuss the important features and the pros and cons of both platforms. You will surely understand after reading this article which platform is suitable for your upcoming project.

What is Node.Js?

Node.Js is a useful technology for building backend applications with JavaScript, outside the browser. Developers basically use this framework for hosting APIs, serving HTTP requests, and accessing the database. Though there are several programming languages to develop backend services, I’ll discuss why you should use Node.Js.


  1. Open-Source: – Node.Js is an open-source framework and free.
  2. Server Development: – Node.Js allows developers to make different servers like DNS servers, TCP servers, HTTP servers, and more. It has its own inbuilt APIs.
  3. Enhanced Performance: – It helps to enhance web app performance. Developers can perform non-blocking operations very easily.
  4. Scalability: – Node. Js helps to build in a horizontal and vertical way and improvises the performance of the applications. It provides highly scalable services.
  5. Unit Testing: – Node.Js has its own unit testing. It allows testing codes quickly and effortlessly.
  6. Other Features: – It is consistent. It also has a source code cleaner.
  • It is highly extensible and only used for web development.
  • It catches individual modules. Apps can also be scaled horizontally and vertically.
  • You can easily convert JavaScript code into machine code.
  • It does not follow enough blocking I/O. Rather it follows asynchronous programming.
  • Its library is not so good.


  1. If you want to stream media and data from many sources on your website then node JS can be an excellent choice. It is asynchronous in nature and handles all the work properly.
  2. If your project includes API service then you can use node.js as it handles many connections at once.
  3. Node.Js can also be used for writing microservices like API gateway because it is lightweight and fast.

Now, node JS is very popular in the market. Several famous clients like Netflix, Trello, and Uber are using it. It has become their framework of choice. Netflix faces problems of conditional dependencies and scalability to solve these issues. They have taken help from Node JS developers to make it fast and problem-free for 93 million users. They have managed to decrease startup time by 70% almost.

Node JS is also one of the most crucial solutions for the two-sided services of Uber. It helps them in scaling up in line with the growing demand for their services. Trello, a famous project management app, uses node js for its server-side. You can hire a senior Node js developer for your project.

What is React JS?

React JS is an open-source library for developing user interfaces for websites and web apps in a structured way. It also allows the development of a dynamic library with high performance. It is declarative, efficient, flexible, and allows us to create reusable UI components, it is used as a base in complex, single-page, interactive web projects, and react components are difficult to reuse.

Important features of React.Js

  1. Easy Maintenance: – The library of react JS helps to reuse system components and solve any issues regarding react updates.
  2. Performance: – React uses a document object model (DOM) to improve web application performance.
  3. Developer Toolset: – Debugging and design tools are very important in developing the web. React JS provides developers with those kinds of tools to ensure high performance of the web.
  4. Stable Code: – React JS provides code stability and better app performance by using downward data flow.
  5. Mobile App Development: – React js follows the same designs as rich UI apps. Developers can develop mobile apps easily by using this programming language.
  6. Other Features: – React library has JSX (JavaScript XML), which is HTML-like syntax, which is processed into JavaScript calls. One-way data binding provides better control throughout the application
  • It fits for the projects that have components like changing states of access permission and user login.
  • React JS helps mostly in building a structured and complex website that cannot be tracked with a traditional approach.
  • React JS supports both iOS and Android versions.
  • It provides frontend support and other services.
  • The code components in react JS are reusable.
  • It works very fast so it helps in faster debugging and faster virtual DOM.
  • React JS is very complex in nature.
  • Developers face challenges to keep pace with the constant release of new tools and technology.


  1. If you are planning to do a project that includes many components like changing States usual login and access permissions you can use react JS. It is very good for these kinds of projects.
  2. If you want to accomplish a complex structure that might be heart to track in a traditional approach you can use react JS. It helps to keep track of all the instructions.

The Facebook team has developed React JS. It has several uses. Content-based websites like Twitter use react JS. We know that Facebook heavily relies upon user interface design and others so it takes help from React.Js developers. Another famous application Instagram uses each for Google maps APIs, geolocation, and other features. Netflix also uses it for their given platform as it gives low-performance TV devices.


First, understand your needs and budget. Make a flowchart of your project. Then choose a professional Developer. You can also use both Node JS and React JS to get a powerful web solution. You can create the front end of the web app with react and the backend with node js. Hope this article will help you to choose a better platform according to your own project.

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