Pharmacy Shelves: How To Place The Products?

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Placing the products on the shelves of the pharmacy without a doubt, shelves are the basic furniture of any business. And it is that they allow optimizing the space to the maximum, generating storage space at the same time that they order it and show the products to our customers. That is why in this post so that you can take full advantage of the potential of this furniture, we will tell you the best ways to place your products and some tricks that will help you order them. Do not miss it!

Take Advantage of Exposure Levels

When it comes to placing the products on the shelves of your pharmacy, we cannot ignore that this furniture, unlike the counters or gondolas, has various heights. Each of them will be at a certain distance with respect to our client, and, therefore, will be optimal for one or another purpose. Thus, these are the levels that we can find on our shelves. Keep in mind that the levels do not necessarily correspond to the number of shelves. It is a more abstract concept that is always measured with respect to the customer and their visibility and accessibility with respect to the products.

 Product placement on pharmacy shelves

It is the highest, the one that is out of reach of the buyers. Therefore, it is recommended to use it to store the products that rotate the most in a visible and attractive way, thus creating the feeling of a large assortment. Not surprisingly, it is the level that generates the greatest sense of quantity. That’s why store equipment is so crucial.

1. Medium superior level

It would be at eye level, which is why it is said to be the level that sells the most. The products located here will be the ones that our client sees first and also the ones that most attract his or her attention. Therefore, you are likely to spend more time looking at products located here than at other levels. It is perfect for placing the products you want to enhance.

2. Middle level – lower

It would be the one that would be at the level of the hands. Therefore, although it is the most accessible level, it is not as visual a level as the previous one and not a seller. However, it can be good to place the products with the highest turnover. Those that attract users and the best sellers.

3. Lower level

It would be at the height of the feet for that reason, it is a little seller level. To take advantage of it, you can transform it into drawers that increase the storage capacity of the pharmacy and improve it aesthetically, or you can place the largest products on this level so that it is more comfortable to take them, those with very good promotions or those that have with the highest rotation. It is about counteracting the cold position of the point. Products on pharmacy shelves

How to display the products on the shelves?

There are several ways to order and display products on the shelves. You can do it by zones and, in each one of them, order the products by families horizontally or vertically, it all depends on the characteristics and space of your pharmacy! Be that as it may, these are the most common ways of presenting products.

1. Vertically:

If you choose to display the products vertically, all the products of the same family will be placed on the rack in a column, along with all the levels. Thus, for example, in the shampoo area, we could have the first column for children’s shampoos, a second column for anti-dandruff type, a third for frequently used ones, and so on. With this way of displaying the products, the customer can at a glance check all the available brands from top to bottom and the products of the same brand for the family by scrolling the view horizontally.

Now, if you opt for this system, you will need more space to present the families, since not all of them will occupy the same amount, equally, you will have to decide which brand you prioritize over another by dividing them along with the levels. Although this does not have to be a disadvantage, you can reward the brands with the highest margin or those that offer you more advantages.

2. Horizontally:

If we follow the previous example, in this way of ordering the products on the shelves, we would place all the products of the same family on the same level. For example, all anti-hair loss on the fourth shelf, anti-dandruff on the third … now it will be more difficult to discriminate the brands and the method can be difficult to visualize for certain customers, giving a feeling of disorder. Neither horizontal nor vertical, both! With this option what we do is combine the best of each of the two previous options. Thus, the horizontal direction is used to place the different brands and the vertical one for the different types of products in the family.


Like other retail businesses, shelves are the most important part of the pharmacy business. Hope, above blogs will help you to understand the importance of the shelves. You can follow the information and make a plan accordingly.

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