Five Netflix Series That Should Not Be Missed

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Netflix Series

Entertainment is one of the most important and necessary parts of human life. Without entertainment, we can’t live a healthy life. Now-a-day, entertainment means social networks, web series from the internet (i.e. Netflix, amazon prime, etc.), tv, cinema.

With a lot of content available on the internet, it really gets hard for a person to determine what to watch first because all of them claim to be the best. However, that is not true because there are some cases wherein the big names have failed to deliver what they promised.

Therefore, to help you distinguish the best from the worst, we have prepared the following list of five netflix series which must not be missed.

1. Big Mouth

One of the rare cartoon shows which talk about the issues faced by the whole world while not sounding serious at all! The show is about how teenagers are and what it takes to go through the tough time that puberty is. Across the world, fans have loved this show. Because of the quality of animation and the storylines of different episodes. Big Mouth is certainly recommended for you if you love to watch adult cartoons.

2. Lupin

A reinvention of a classic character by a famous writer about whom all you need to know is that he is full of vengeance and tech-savvy. The things that he uses to exact his plans against those who did him wrong are quite amazing. If you have a love for gadgets and a great storyline, then this show should not be missed by you! Also, the angle of revenge gives the show a certain charm which lovers of this genre would like.

3. Black Lightning

Based on the Detective Comics’ hero of the same name, Black Lightning season 4 aired this year in the month of May. Jefferson Pierce used to be the principal of a school until his daughters got kidnapped and upon reclaiming them from the kidnappers, he was demoted to a teacher because of his acts as a metahuman got known. The series makes for an interesting one-time watch that fans of the superhero genre would love to watch more than once.

4. Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie are two women who have spent the best part of their lives making a name for themselves in their respective fields. The show is a comedy and is currently six seasons strong. Grace and Frankie season 7 is expected to be released by next year because of the pandemic. It is great news for the fans of the shows who were thinking about when is the new season of Grace and Frankie going to come.

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5. Pretend It’s A City

Released this year, this is actually a documentary series directed by none other than Martin Scorsese which is a reason big enough to watch this at least once. It has seven episodes and only one season, so you can binge it down real quick.

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That was all about the five shows that you must not miss on Netflix. You should watch the above shows. Also, a list of the top 10 Netflix series we will share with you soon. Till then, you can try these amazing shows.


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