Top 12 iOS App Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

iOS App Development

As Apple is introducing new innovations in iPhones and its other devices iOS app development is changing. With the integration of state-of-the-art technologies in iOS apps, new iOS app development trends are creating a sensation. Users are excited to embrace the latest features in mobile apps.

Being a startup or entrepreneur you should be aware of what is currently happening in the market so you can stay one step ahead to take a competitive advantage. Today in this article, I will share the top 12 iOS app development trends in 2023 that you shouldn’t miss to watch out

Trend #1: AI in iOS app development

The integration of AI in the iOS application development process is expanding across different industries. From healthcare to education and eCommerce to entertainment. Every sector is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to build next-gen mobile apps for iOS users. As a result, the trend of AI in iOS app development is growing at a fast pace. Apple itself provides dedicated support to integrate AI & ML functionalities through MLCore SDK.

Trend #2: Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR/VR is trending a lot. It empowers mobile apps to provide an interactive and immersive user experience. Many gaming and eCommerce companies have implemented AR concepts in their iPhone apps to allow their users to interact in a more lively way.

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And therefore, this trend is buzzing across various industries. Top iOS app development companies are also utilizing augmented and virtual reality technology to build innovative features in their mobile app solutions.

Trend #3: 5G

Fast data speed and internet connectivity are the need of the hour. And with the arrival of the 5G, iOS development is getting more empowered than ever. 5G provides high data speed and internet connectivity. So the implementation of 5G in mobile app development is set to increase quickly.

Especially iPhone app development companies are already creating supportive functions to allow the app to utilize 5G technology. As more businesses are adopting 5G in their system, the growth in 5G implementation will increase. Hence, 5G is emerging as one of the top iOS app development trends.

Trend #4:  IoT

IoT or the Internet of Things is a revolutionary technology concept. It primarily connects electronic devices to the Internet and allows users to remotely operate the device through an application. IoT offers a variety of benefits. It enables businesses to collect reliable data in real-time and make well-informed business decisions.

IoT gives remote controllability to users through the mobile app. And therefore, the usage of IoT in iOS app development is trending. Apple’s HomeKit is a dedicated SDK for developing IoT-based features in iOS mobile apps.

Trend #5: Growth in the Usage of Apple Pay

Apple currently has more than 500 million users and it is supported by 5,480 banks around the world. So what is special about Apple Pay? Apple Pay is set to bring new features and updates to provide more convenient and helpful mobile payment services. For example, Order tracking, merchant token, paying multiple merchants in a single transaction, and more. And due to these updates, Apple Pay is upgrading to the next level.

Trend 6#: iOS Cloud Development

Apple has recently introduced updates and added new development support for creating cloud-based solutions for Apple’s ecosystem-iPadOS, macOS, iPhone, and watchOS. This cloud kit allows developers to build backend solutions in iOS app development. In the latest version, CloudKit helps in developing solutions for complex or big-size data processing tasks. This, as a result, helps in improving the performance of the apps.

Trend #7: AI Chatbot

You must be familiar with Siri-Apple’s famous AI assistant which works automatically on user’s commands to perform various actions. While people mostly assume Siri is the main AI Chatbot in iOS, there would be an increment in the number of AIChatbots on the Apple App Store.

iPhone users will get more options for AI Chatbots other than Siri. It is due to the increased demand for AI Chatbots in iOS. And therefore, it is emerging as one of the top iOS app development trends.

Trend #8: Apple Watch App Development

Apple watches are buzzing a lot in the market. The kind of features and facilities that Apple smartwatches provide make them highly user-friendly wearable devices for users. Apple is constantly bringing new features to its smartwatch which is creating broader scope for developing iOS apps for Apple smartwatches. Especially in fitness tracking, users are already waiting for new features. As a result, this is emerging as one of the top iOS app development trends.

Trend #9: Cross-Platform Development

Developing a native iOS app costs significantly since it requires native development resources to build a fully-functional app. Especially for startups that mostly rely on a limited budget, opting for native iOS development is not easily affordable. But with cross-platform development, they can build an iOS app with a single code.

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They can even make future changes in the app or build an entirely new app for other platforms. Therefore, cross-platform development, already thriving in iOS development, will acquire more growth.

This is because businesses are preferring to cross-platform apps for iOS platforms than native iOS due to cost-efficiency and future scalability. This year, again, it will be continuing as one of the popular iOS app development trends.

Trend #10: Integration of Blockchain in iOS applications

Blockchain is no longer a new technology as it has disrupted industries in the past few years. Blockchain is mainly used in web and software development. But due to its decentralized and distributed ledger ability, there is a huge scope for the integration of blockchain in mobile app development.

And interestingly, blockchain is now being used in iOS application development. iOS app development companies use blockchain to build high-end security features for data and user privacy in iOS apps. Prodoge, Minds, MetaMask, Proton are the popular blockchain apps for iPhones that have used blockchain in their iOS development environments. Hence, with this acceleration, the integration of blockchain will be high in iOS.

Trend #11: Foldable iPhone

Yes, you heard right, foldable iPhones. However, this is not a real thing currently since Apple has not yet launched any foldable device. But according to CNET, Apple is likely to release a foldable iPhone with an 8-inch QHD dynamic OLED display by 2023. This is leaked news from a CNET source.

And this rumor has created a sensation in the market in the entire mobile market. Apple users are eagerly waiting for foldable iPhones as Android users are already enjoying the mobile experience on foldable smartphones.

And when Apple will release its first-ever foldable iPhones there will be a huge demand for foldable iOS apps. Many iOS app development companies are gearing up in advance to provide ioS app development for foldable iPhones. And this shift is emerging as a hot trend.

Trend #12:  iOS 16

Apple has released its latest OS version iOS 16. The new iOS provides highly personalized features and intelligent functionalities for iPhones. iOS 16 provides customizable lock screens with widgets, enhanced focus modes, and major improvements in iPhone functionalities.

So, iPhone apps will get more device features to utilize. With these updated features, iOS apps can take better advantage of using Apple’s up-to-date services and offer a fresh user experience on the latest iOS 16.


iOS app development is upgrading with the constant introduction of new device features and innovative technologies. From IoT to AI and Smartwatch to foldable iPhones, new trends are opening wider scope for iOS app development.

And therefore, for startups, this could be a great opportunity to make a future app for Apple users and take a competitive advantage at the early stage. But to ensure the best utilization of iOS app development trends, you should better work with a professional iOS application development company.

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