Trek Diaries – 8 Popular Treks in Uttarakhand

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Uttarakhand is the land of the mighty Himalayas and, other than some calm and spiritual spots, also the best hiking place in India. There are many peaks to give you a wonderful trekking experience through thick forests, pristine snow grounds, and luxuriant green prairies. Many trekking routes, like the Kauri Pass Trek, the Chopta-Chandrashilah trekking, and spiritual walks, like the Chard Dham Yatra, are available in Uttarakhand. Here are some of Uttarakhand’s best and most famous treks.

Some are fast, some challenging, and some difficult to take on the top 8 treks in Uttarakhand which will eventually test your physical and mental resilience.

1. Roopkund Trek

The Roopkund Trek is a must-visit trek in Uttarakhand, not just because of the beautiful places, but also because of the mysterious lake on the top of the Roopkund. The hike takes about 7-10 days and the difficulty level of the hike is moderate to demanding. A novice should not start the walking life here.

The trek starts from Lohajung to the Didna valley, you must walk through mixed forests and begin to reach the next camp, Ali Bugyal, and Ghora Latoni, the next destination from there. The 5-cm trail from Bhagwabassa will be direct to Roopkund, north of Ghora Latoni is Bhagwabassa.

2. Pindari Glacier Trek

Thanks to Pindar River, the lifeline toward the Kumaun area, the trek typically takes 8-10 days to complete and the trek is graded as simple to mitigate as the terrain is not a challenge. The trek to Pindari is one of the most peaceful treks, and also the Sul Kumaun.

The Nanda Devi Mountain is the annual source of the Pindari Glacier and the Pindari River, with the Himalayan hills, Nanda Devi and Nanda Knot. There is also a Sadhu on top, called the Baba Lonely, since he is separated from the people and on the top, there is a temple.

3. Chopta – Chandrashila Trek

The Chopta–Chandrashila road, also known as “the Mini Switzerland of India,” and Chandrashila as “Moon Rock” make this one of the most beautiful ways you can trek to Ottarakhand, a trek unanimously. The difficulty level of this tour is simple and it is one of the trips you can take if you are a novice to begin your life. The walk takes about 6-7 days to complete the walk.

From Ukhimath to the valley, the trek begins. You have to climb up to Chopta when you enter the Deoria Valley. From Chopta the next destination is Tunganth, the further climb from Tunganath takes the visual treatments of Chandrashila peaks, such as the Trishul Peaks, Chaukambha, Nanda Devi peaks, Kedarnath Peaks and the Banderpaunch Peaks. You can discover some wonderful views of the Deoria Tal Lake, which is the highest temple in Tunganath, as well as the highest among the temples “Panch Kedar” and the etheer beauty of the Chandrashila.

4. Kauri Pass Trek

If you first venture into the Himalayas and want a trek that is best suited to the first time, you can take the Kauri Pass trek as the ideal way for a beginner. The trip is between 5 and 7 days everywhere and it is considered to be the easiest trek in the Himalayas to ever take.

The current Kauri Pass Trek begins from Dhak up to Guling, from Guling to Chitrakantha or Tali and from there to the Kauri Pass. The peak gives a splendid view of the Nanda Devi and the National Park of Nanda Devi.

5. Har Ki Dun Trek

A picturesque trek that is deeply rooted in the Hindu Mythology of the “Mahabharath” period, one of the most scenic in Uttarakhand is a trek known as the “Valley of Gods” (the “Valley of Gods”), the troika of the Swargarohini peaks has been used as a gateway to Heaven of the Panda brothers. The journey takes about eight to ten days and the difficulty level is graded as moderate because the terrain is not challenging and the gradients are not steep.

The tour to Har Ki Dun starts from Sankari to Taluka, most of the time by car or other means of transport from Sankari, and then begins a walk after reaching Taluka.

6. Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba is the fastest way to go up the Himalayas and this relatively simple walk can be done all year round, as many of the walking tracks are mostly closed during moonsoon and winter. A real weekend trek, which can be done in three days. The Nag Tibba, known as the Serpent’s peak, takes you through dense deodar forests and the campgrounds are set in wonderful surroundings.

7. Valley of Flowers Trek

The place is nothing less than a marvel, the most unique and magnificent Blue Primula, the flower of the Himalayas can be found here in abundance, the surroundings in that place are divine and the eternal happiness of the place is no longer found anywhere else in the world. The trip usually takes 6 – 8 days and is graded as an easy to moderate hike and it would be easy for people in each age group to do this.

8. Panch Kedar Trek

Kedarnath, Tunganath, Rudranath, Madhyamaheswar and Kalpeshwar are the compromises of the Panch Kedar Trek. The trek in Panch Kedar takes 14 – 16 days and is considered a moderate trek.

As the name implies, the trek consists of 5 temples with a significant history. If the legend is to be believed, the Pandava Brothers have set out to find LORD SHIVA, after their battle with Kaurava, to search for his blessings and wash away all their sins with reluctance to meet them. Shiva took the shape of a bull and hid it.

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