Trip to Kasol – A Memory To Fill Your Adventure Wall

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Do you search (with family) for a peaceful getaway? Or would you like the peaceful scenic beauty of the countryside? Want the mountain valleys to explore? You should go on a trip to Kasol to see all of these. Kasol in the state of Himachal Pradesh is a hill station. It is popular for its luxuriant green forests, picturesque beauty, and tourist attractions. Also known for the massive inflow of tourists by Israel, Kasol is the “Amsterdam of India” and “Mini-Israel.” Kasol’s home is found by many Israelis. Don’t be surprised if you see here walking loads of Israelis.

When is Kasol to visit?

From October to June, the best month to visit this beautiful paradise. During the year, the weather in Kasol is mild and friendly. But you can discover the magical countryside of this place from March to May. The temperature ranges between 15 and 22°C. But if winters are the best time to come, it’s the cool wind that bites the cheeks and walks on the night of October through February. The temperature ranges between 3°C and 10°C.

However, in the winter you can’t discover Kasol much. The highways are generally covered by snow and you must spend all your time in hotel clothing. In the winter it is possible to go to Kheerdanga, to Pin Parvati and Sar Pass. But during these months, it is best to stop Kasol if you want to enjoy nature’s beauty. Also avoid the monsoon season, as the roads are dangerous and sloping from July to September. It is not prudent to gamble it.

How can Kasol be reached?

Direct trains and busses to Kasol are not accessible. Delhi offers the highest number of buses. You can take a bus to Bhuntar from Delhi and then take the local HRTC bus to Kasol from Bhuntar, which is about 50 minutes away. From Himachal Bhavan, the bus from Delhi to Bhuntar costs almost INR 1000. You can also rent a car from Bhuntar to Kasol if you don’t want to travel by bus. This allows you to discover natural beauty at your own pace. You feel more linked to history, as you can stop anywhere to find lovely secret spots.

Explore stuff in Kasol

Kasol is one of India’s cheapest tourist destinations. You will find plenty of spots to breathe away on a trip to Kasol. You will feel closer to nature when you visit the surrounding sites by bike or on foot. Kasol has a lot to do for adventure lovers.

Top 12 Things to do In Kasol

1. Kheerganga Trek

You must cross Kheer Ganga during your trek to Pin valley through the Pin-Parvathi Pass. At 3050 meters, this beauty offers vast scenic landscapes and an exotic flora and fauna array. Make sure this pleasure is not missed. Don’t skip this elegance, even if you schedule your trip to Kasol, despite the exhaustive trek and the tiring legs. There are several more small and exciting treks available to you besides this peak.

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2. Tosh

You will come across this small village in the lap of Kasol after passing traitorous paths. It is recognized for its wonderful views and hippie culture. Your nerves are quieted by pastoral culture and healing views.

3. Parvathi River

You may want to rest on this river when you trek towards a peak. Here you can rest and laze around. It also offers another river rafting experience. Enjoy numerous sports of nerve-wracking while in Kasol.

4. Malana

If you want to get closer and more intimate with the Kasol community, you can visit this small village.

5. Pin Parvathi Pass

This lovely pass not only takes your breath away with its panoramic views but also challenges your skills. It’s wracking both the nerve and the mind.

6. Sar Pass Trek

Especially for beginners, this trail is used. It takes you to the snow-capped peaks, surrounded by rich green forests and varied terrain. You should try this mountain trail if you are searching for adventure but still doubtful.

7. Manikaran Gurudwara

From this pilgrimage center on the banks of the Parvathi River, you can look for the blessings of the Almighty. Nothing else compares the serenity and the magic atmosphere of this area.

8. Camping in Kasol and Stargazing

Kasol is magical in the nightlife. Besides a good forest-circled fire you should curl up into a sleeping bag. The twinkling stars can be seen for a long night as well. It’s terribly lovely. This is surely a flawless experience.

9. Rasol

With a maximum of 75 houses, this village is very small. Most girls spin timber. Ready your camera for the vivid beauty of the natural world.

10. Chalal

For a true mountain village, visit this picturesque small village close to Kasol. There’s too beautiful a view of the beautiful mountains and long pine trees.

11. The Evergreen Café and Buddha Place

Both cafes in Kasol offer the finest Chinese dishes, Israeli, Indian, Mexican, and others. The cool mountain air and the lovely view from the outside seat can also be experienced. Experience all the best meals.

12. Flea Market

The market might not be very large, but it offers a wide range of products. You would not be able to pick which one you like from the night vision glasses, neon trinkets, woolens, and Jimmy Hendrix. So shop until you fall on this small but varied market.

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