10 Useful Tools Every Project Manager should Know

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The Project Manager is a challenging job of balancing people and their time, costs, scope, and quality. Without tools and software, it’s almost impossible to make sure that projects are of high quality. There are a variety of tools that project managers use to meet their requirements, whether it is the team

  • Collaboration,
  • Chart drawing,
  • Chart tracking,
  • Note-taking,
  • Troubleshooting, or
  • Drawing charts.

In this article, you’ll find the TOP 10 tools used by project managers.

1. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project was created to assist project managers in

  • Planning,
  • Developing,
  • Distributing,
  • Monitoring progress, and
  • Analyzing work volumes.

The MS Project interface is simple, even though it is complex. It is the highly recommended software that will significantly aid the project’s success. It runs three blocks:

  1. Tasks,
  2. Resources, and
  3. Calendar

via connections among them. It is an application for databases with fundamental automation possibilities.

2. Skype for Business

Skype lets project managers instantaneously connect with their clients, team members, and colleagues from anywhere in the world. You can use it to conduct

  • Web-based conferencing,
  • Voice and video conference calls,
  • Conferences with phone connections, and
  • Instant messaging.

In addition, Skype for Business can connect users from

  • Virtually any device,
  • Allowing them to collaborate on documents,
    Collaborate on desktops and
  • Attach to specific desktop applications or files shared by others in the conference.

Skype for Business was designed for corporate use to enable business communication and reduce international and long-distance phone calls. All sessions on Skype for Business are protected by authentication and encryption algorithms.  Making it an extremely secure tool for PMs who want to connect with their clients and colleagues.

3. Trello

  • The Trello system is based on the Japanese management “kanban” concept, which continuously monitors all production phases. Numerous boards represent various processes and projects within the Business. Each board has task lists and cards that include
  • Descriptions,
  • Notes,
  • Files,
  • Deadlines, and
  • Color tags.

The fundamental functionality of Trello is completely free and allows you to work with nearly no limitations.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a program that project managers can use to expand their knowledge base. It can create to-do lists and store all kinds of information about your projects in documents and notes. Evernote can also be used as a complement to other tools required by PMs.

It’s a cloud-based project management tool accessible from any device, including smartphones or tablets, or even a PC. Evernote includes a range of tools. It can be combined to help you organize your tasks efficiently.

In addition, Evernote allows users to have access. If you are working on personal projects, you can make use of an individual notebook. You can use a separate laptop if you work in groups and wish to test your coworkers.

5. Microsoft Visio

MS Visio is a vector graphics application created to run on Windows OS and is frequently used by project managers. It’s a powerful tool to present complex information in diagrams, diagrams, and flowcharts.

Visio will help you turn your thoughts into visuals. Even if you do not have the required design or technical skills. Visio can be utilized to sketch out your ideas using diagrams that simplify and improve the presentation of abstract processes. Many Microsoft Visio templates can create an

  • Organization diagram,
  • Network diagram, or
  • Process diagram.

It is possible to select a range of designs and templates. Visio lets you interact with other users and illustrate specific points.

6. VSDX Annotator

VSDX Annotator is an application for Visio users working on Mac. Project managers utilize it to work with Visio files across multiple platforms. It has 12 annotation tools that let you modify drawings right on Mac and add your notes, questions, and remarks. To further edit the Visio drawing, it is possible to save the file as a PDF (.vsdx). This app renders all the drawing content and displays crisp and clear images.

7. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a different tool to create various charts, graphs, and presentations. It lets you quickly design mind maps, PowerPoint presentations, flow charts, and more. More than 70 types of materials are available in the application. You can share

  • Diagrams,
  • Graphs, and
  • Charts

with your team using cloud service. SmartDraw is much simpler to work with than Visio and comes with both MS and macOS versions.


JIRA is an application for managing projects developed by the Australian company Atlassian. The web-based application lets project managers efficiently manage multiple projects, teams, and workflows. The essential concepts of JIRA are projects and tasks. Projects are utilized to organize tasks.

Lessons are developed within projects to allow the performers to be assigned to them. Jobs can also have sub-tasks or be linked to other tasks. As projects are completed, task status is immediately changed. This tool works well for sizeable teams and organizations, where employees and managers cannot humanly visualize the entire project and sometimes miss specific necessary tasks.

9. Slack

Slack, a service on the web that allows users to communicate via email. It is accessible on desktop, iOS, and Android. Slack’s purpose is to enable groups or individuals to interact with one another about issues related to projects. Slack is a straightforward tool that is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface.

You can create a profile and send files. Channels are private groups. Its members can only see the messages sent to a channel. Slack can support more than 100 web services that include well-known ones like

  • Dropbox,
  • Google Docs,
  • Twitter, and
  • Trello.

You can use Slack to connect any of these services. Also, get notifications when there are any changes and activities.


Work management software is a tool that allows you to track, organize, make strategies and review both projects and non-project tasks to improve your business results and team performance. Ultimate Business System (UBS) provides Project Management System where you can manage all your professional work.


Project management tools are a more important and necessary part of a project. A well qualified project manager knows which tools need for a particular project.

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